Hey, friends!

16 09 2011

So I’m about 8 weeks into MS3 (that, for all of my non-med-friends, means 3rd year of med school but, perhaps more importantly, the first year of clinicals), and I am quickly realizing that I now have more to say and much less time in which to say it.  This has led to the development of my first blog.  I know, right?  I’ve  always more or less snubbed the idea of a blog; I’m old-school in that I prefer personalized phone calls or e-mails, and I’m not narcissistic enough to think the world will be brighter because my life events will be broadcast on the worldwide web.

Frankly,  my personal time is wearing dangerously thin, and as impersonal as this mass communication style is, it might just work.  I’m all about efficiency, so I’m giving “the blog” a chance.   This will also allow you all to “catch up” with me whenever it’s convenient, now that I’m generally in bed before 10 PM these days.  Besides, let’s be honest, I really do like sharing my stories, especially the ones that involve my patients  (PS, it’s still strangely foreign to use the phrase “one of my patients” in conversation, but I’m getting there). Patient stories are also the reason why I wish I’d done this sooner; I’m sure you would have loved to hear about my patients in the Psych ward.  Don’t worry, I’m sure those will be incorporated at some point.

Look for my first real post sometime over the weekend!

Later, gators!




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