Christmas on Call

21 12 2011

Let’s start out the post with a holiday funny.  Well, at the very least it’s a catchy tune from my favorite medical comedy, Scrubs.

This could have easily been me this year.  My inpatient team was scheduled for call (the duty of admitting and seeing all new patients who come to the hospital between 8am and 9pm, and seeing all of the ones admitted between 9pm and 8am the following day) on Christmas Eve, and would have been post-call Christmas Day. Ouch.

This concept is not new to me.  My dad’s an intensive care doc, and he’s worked on Christmas and Thanksgiving and even my birthday (which counts as a holiday to me!) since I was teething.  There was even a run when a month in jury duty landed him working every holiday for over a year.  It happens in this profession, especially if you are a hospitalist.

I managed to dodge that bullet with the simple words, “Oh, I’d love to help you guys out, but we have Christmas off.”  We have Christmas off!  After missing Easter, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving this year (as well as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other assorted federal holidays), those words were four of the most beautiful words I’d heard spoken in a long time.  Until our clerkship director uttered the next three: “New Year’s, too.”

No joke, I was legitimately giddy today when I found out that they are giving us January 2nd off, too.  I didn’t mention any of this to the team, though.  I genuinely get along well with all of them and didn’t want to rub it in.  After all, the interns are from Nevada and upstate New York, too far away to travel in the one or two days they have off (which is a huge difference from my dad working Christmas–at least at the end of the day, he still got to come home).  Besides, that’s going to be me in a couple of years, so I intend to fully enjoy the breaks I get now.  It’s not that I hate internal medicine–I actually really like it–my brain is just in need of some recuperation time before it gets fried again in the year 2012.

Do I still have assigned reading over break?  Of course.  Is there still a test on infectious disease the day we return from the vacation?  Naturally.  But who cares?  It’s CHRISTMAS!

This is one of those times when I plan to fully embrace procrastination of every single responsibility that comes with MS3 status in order to fully celebrate the holidays.   🙂




One response

22 12 2011
Emily Ricotta

Come to Pittsburgh, celebrate New Year’s, I’ll bring my ID stuff and help you study! I even have a medical-based ID book! It will be glorious.

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