50th Post: This one’s for all of YOU!

5 11 2012

In celebration of this 50th post, I have one thing to ask of you all. 

One-way monologues are boring, so to make things more interactive with all of you, I want to know what you think about all of this, what your backgrounds are, and what you want to know about my experience in medical education. 

In short, you all know me, but I want to know who you are.  So please, feel free to leave comments and let me know!  If you don’t want those comments posted, please let me know and I will honor that wish. 

I am excited to learn about you, answer your questions (if I can), and learn about your experiences with health care!




6 responses

6 11 2012

I’m finding this so, so interesting! I’m a 3rd year university student in Canada aiming for medical school. I love hearing about how things really go down in hospitals!

8 11 2012
Lisa Walters (@CreativLEI)

Well, I started reading your blog when you posted of your experience with a homebirth transfer. To read your experience meant a lot to me because my 6th child was transferred to the hospital after her homebirth. She did not survive. After finding out the truth about the midwife I had trusted for 7 years, facts she’d kept hidden, I am an advocate for giving a voice to women who’ve had the unfortunate experience of walking through loss after a homebirth decision. My view of the medical model changed because of the compassionate care we received from the teams at the hospital who cared for her for her 28 days of life, while the midwife who’d known my family for many years turned away.

For you, as someone just beginning your career in medicine, I just want to tell you that the time you take to make a connection with a patient or their family matters, A LOT. Don’t let your passion for care fade.

9 11 2012
Brian Nguyen

I love your journey in medical school! Now that you’re doing your masters, things must be a lot more easy going.

I really like your writing style too!

-Brian N.

24 11 2012

This is a big delayed… but I’m a first year med student. And I love reading your blog, when I’m not between studying everything they’re throwing at us. Thanks for all the stories! 🙂

6 01 2013

Hi, I have only just discovered your blog and I’m finding it really interesting. I am a medical underwriter and from a family full of doctors so you could say I am an interested outsider to the medical world. I really enjoy the insights so I ope you keep blogging!

27 01 2013

Hi, I too love your blog! I used to work in public health but then I jumped ship, took post-bac classes, and am applying to med school this year. Your perspective is so refreshing. I love that you’re anonymous so you can write truthfully. And you write so well! I find some great lessons/morals in your stories but never in a cheesy way. I look forward to reading your posts soooo much when I see one pop up in my google reader and I wish you could write more often but I know you’re busy 🙂

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