If you know me, you know me.  If you don’t think you do, you might!  In order to remain as candid as possible during this journey through my clinical years, I will not reveal my name, the names of my peers, physician supervisors, or other teachers; my location, the hospitals I rotate through, or my medical school.

I am a 3rd 4th year medical student learning to be a physician.  I have decided to go into pediatrics, and I’ll keep on working my tush off to be the best one that I can be.  Background-wise, I am female, mid-20’s, and the first woman in my family ever to go to medical school (the second person overall).  I haven’t published any papers, but I do a decent amount of research and volunteering when I can.  I was even invited this year as a speaker for a statewide conference to share the findings of a paper I wrote!  I’m also a big believer in practicing humanism in medicine, which might sound a little too touchy-feely for you but my patients seem to appreciate it.

This is my journey.  What I feel and think and do is mine, but I am glad to share it with you.  Feel free to comment on anything you’d like, because I am open to any comment or alternate perspective, as long as you don’t try to tell me what I should be feeling (well, you can, I’ll just ignore you).

Thanks for stopping by!


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